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Welcome to CreatorFunds!

Our mission: Make the Creator path the default career choice for everyone.

CreatorFunds puts everything Creators need to succeed in one place:

🔨Toolkit - highly vetted creator-friendly products & services.

💰Investors - traditional (PE/VC) and non-traditional investors (individuals) interested in the creator economy come to CreatorFunds to find and invest in their favorite creators.

📊Creator Pitch Deck - most Creators have (or plan to have) 6-7 streams of revenue drawing from advertising, products, services, and other digital assets. This makes having a cohesive portfolio difficult. Our Creator Pitch Deck establishes the norm for every Creator to quickly and effectively showcase everything they've accomplished.

📍Community - As Creators, we are no one without our community. At CreatorFunds, we offer a Community Blog that provides all of us a platform to contribute, promote ourselves and each other, and collectively accelerate the creator economy. Bonus: for every approved blog post that you contribute to our community blog, you'll receive credits towards account. In other words, you can make your account is free every month when you contribute consistently!

Accelerating the Creator Economy means more solopreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and freedom. That's better for everyone. We're seeing a massive shift (especially over the last 2 years) of people taking chances on themselves due to the low risk and extremely high upside of generating income online. Here are a few quick and easy ways to start making money online:

  • Start a newsletter on Substack or Medium
  • Grow the audience, charge for paid ads
  • Create a digital course about a topic you know well and sell it on gumroad
  • Affiliate Marketing (this is still really popular and scalable)
  • Build MicroSaaS on sites like Webflow, Bubble, etc.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, each option is affordable and allows you to receive customer feedback quickly, helping you pivot fast, and figure out market fit. In other words, you can figure out how to sustainably and repeatedly generate revenue online without demolishing your savings account.

And of course, the priority isn't to make "quick money online" -- that's not why the Creator Economy is exploding. The reason everybody is jumping on the bandwagon is because people ultimately want to work for themselves. And now, we're finally at a point where that dream is reasonable for everyone who has access to the internet.

The Creator Economy is built on the concept of occupational freedom, and we're here to accelerate the entire process by providing creators with access to capital, connections, and resources as well as giving investors the opportunity to diversify their returns, invest in the most exciting class to ever exist - humans!

Join CreatorFunds today and start building your dream life.