How It Works

Like a dating app. The perfect match
between Creator and Investor.


Optimize Your Profile

Every Startup needs a pitch deck. It's time Creator's have one too. Paid users get access to the Creator Pitch Deck template, helping you position yourself as an established Creator. You can also set up your "Ideal Investor" filters to make sure you receive emails when your perfect investor joins CreatorFunds.


Find Your Favorite Creators

Investors, you're busy. We don't want this platform to get noisy for you. Simply set up the 'Ideal Creator' filters to make sure you only get notified about the people who fit your criteria.

Do Your Own Deals

We're simply here to make connections. Once both parties determine its time to start talking investment, we'll connect you via email. As a point of guidance, we suggest setting up a Revenue Share deal.

Example: $50k investment for 10% revenue share until investment is made whole, then 2% revenue share in perpetuity (or something like that)

Accelerate the Inevitable

The Creator Economy is here to stay. Let's make the Creator path the default career choice for everyone. As an Investor, you have an opportunity to play a part in accelerating the Creator Economy while diversifying your returns and earning revenue share in perpetuity.