What is the Creator Economy?

a big, beautiful, messy creator economy

What is the Creator Economy?

We're figuring it out together, but here's a good starting point

In the most simple terms, the Creator Economy is made up of more than 50 million individual solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, operators, and creators that are generating income online. At CreatorFunds, we like the word Creator-preneur (we'll see if it sticks).

Whether that’s through video content, advertisements, influencer marketing, affiliate programs, online courses, or community memberships - the Creator Economy is the result of a new wave of digital creators that have learned one very important lesson: we no longer need employers and a 9-5 to make a living. 

The Creator Economy is simultaneously a massive community and a tight knit community. Let me explain: at the macro-level, the Creator Economy is huge. As mentioned above, there are about 50 million Creators producing online content, digital assets, products, etc. The classic “30 thousand foot view”

However, within this big group of creators are thousands of fractured communities that share hyper specific interests, all sharing ideas, supporting each other’s businesses, and pushing each other forward. This is arguably the most endearing quality the Creator Economy possesses. Anything (literally anything) you have an interest in or are passionate about, you find thousands of other people who like that same thing just as much as you. No doubt about it. 

For example, let’s say you’re really into building financial models for venture capital firms that invest in early stage startups with a focus on nanotechnology and healthcare. Oddly specific, right? Guess what, you’ll find your tribe of people talking and learning about the same thing.

Join the conversation, share your perspective (the first step in getting involved in the creator economy), and become a great social listener to understand a specific problem your niche community has. That’s when you start building services and products to solve that problem.

Another reason the Creator Economy is gaining so much attraction and attention is due to the level of two-way support and engagement amongst Creators. Creators inherently understand, accept, and adopt that it’s not about competition. It’s about partnerships, helping each other, and above all else - adding value to their audience. The reality is, there’s always room for competition. There can be thousands of Creators about and building essentially the same product for the same audience and each of them find success in different ways.

Think about it: there are a countless number of consulting firms, software development companies, or advertising agencies that are realistically doing the same thing for the same people.

Bottom Line: When companies, entrepreneurs, or creators fail - it’s never because of competition. It’s because they’re focusing too much on their competition.

For the longest time, the employer held all of the leverage (which never made sense). And now, the people hold all of the power. 


Because it’s easier and more affordable than it’s ever been to spin up online business. For example, you can run a fully operational business for less than $1,000 year, by far.

No more big business loans, begging your friends and family for money, or destroying your savings account just to get started.

Today, you can:

  • Buy a URL and domain from google domains for $50/year
  • Get a legit email domain for $72/year (not a necessity by any means)
  • Crispy landing page on carrd for $19/year
  • Full email marketing/automation from convertkit for $108/year
  • Pull your systems together on zapier for free (unless you need more than 5 zaps)

Total Cost: $249

And guess what? Your Netflix subscription, that’s about $200/year. 

Cancel it for 12 months and change your life. 

If you have the money to pay for streaming subscriptions, then you have the money to invest in yourself and begin designing your dream life. 

So, if you really want to work for yourself and truly want to be part of this Creator Economy - you’ll find a way to invest a few hundred dollars in your future.

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Okay, shameless plug is over. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Investing in the Creator Economy

CreatorFunds sole purpose is to accelerate anything and everything related to the Creator Economy (by the way, how many times can we use that term in a single blog?) guess we’ll see.

And although it’s inexpensive to get started, scaling anything is always a challenge and quite frankly, money makes those challenges easier to work through and solve. 

Just like Startups and Small Businesses, Creators need access to capital in order to take their brand, products, and services to the next level. Besides, we’re not the only people encouraging investors to cut checks to creators - some of the most established and credible investors in the United States realize the value and opportunity of investing in the most exciting asset class there is: humans. 

Check out this article from New York Times discussing the high level of interest shown from Silicon Valley investors.

One really interesting take from this piece:

“With the lines between venture capital and the creator world blurring, many traditional venture capitalists are also seeking to become creators themselves. Firms like Andreessen Horowitz have leveraged their investment in Clubhouse to promote their staff through the app’s suggested user list. Nait Jones, a partner with Andreessen Horowitz, has amassed over four million followers on Clubhouse and recently signed with the talent agency WME.”

When you have VC firms leveraging investments in platforms like Clubhouse to turn their own employees into famous Creators, there’s no denying the massive ROI investors are seeing int the Creator Economy.

So, if you’re an investor and you want to find the world’s highest earning creators - you came to the right place. If you’re a Creator looking for a cash infusion, you’re at the right place too. 

We’re here to connect you to your favorite creators from all over the world. Stick with us, we’re just getting started.


CreatorFunds Team